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http://topbloglog.com/rpc/ping/ - Add this address in Settings, Writing, Update Services of your WordPress blog.

Add a button for your ranking

Blog Ranking Blog Ranking Blog Ranking Blog Ranking

If you like to support TopBlogLog, please add a button. Adding a button will make you part of the Ranking by visitors. The number represents your place in the rankings.

The code for the button is found in the profile of every blog.
For questions and comments about TopBlogLog or blogging, please visit our support forum.

Add a voting button to your posts.

TopBlogLog offers a great voting button for each article. Articles are automatically submitted to TopBlogLog. For additional information about how to place a button, click here.

Add a widget with your favorite posts

The TopBlogLog widget allows you to put a dynamic blogroll in your blog or website. Learn more and recieve your code here.

Get a Widget with your readers

Do you want to see the avatars of your visitors? Unlike Facebook and Friend connect, avatars will be arranged by the last visit.

Try it - you will like it

Add RSS feed to the "Incoming links" section of the dashboard "wp-admin"

Information for WordPress blogs

Your blog is missing? Add it here. Requires registration. The system is updated every hour. If you wish your site to be updated in real time, please use TopBlogLog ping service and add voting button.