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Joseph’s 3rd Birthday Party!

Can you believe it has been THREE YEARS since Joseph was born?! I truly cannot (and I really can’t believe I still haven’t finished that rainbow blanket I began when I was pregnant with him! Maybe during this next “maternity leave”...
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Sweet on Trader Joe's Sunday: Two-Buck Chuck REDS
Since we're back to just Mr. E and me, we decided to review a little Trader Joe's wine. Specifically, Two-Buck Chuck.Yep, we're reviewing Trader Joe's bargain wines. Mr. E thought it would be fun to do a little taste test of all three red ...
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Let It Be Sunday, 155!
Hello dear friends.
Happy Sunday. I hope this finds you ready and fortified to face another day.  Well… have a cup of coffee first. Maybe an egg.  Then feel fortified.  Did some of you marched in a women’s march, yesterda...
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Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes
These Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cupcakes are no doubt one of the BEST cupcakes I've ever eaten! You get a rich chocolate cupcake, a naturally flavored strawberry frosting and a fresh chocolate covered strawberry and together they create one unforgettab...
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